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CV Enterprises recently became a client of Vaulted Data. We are very pleased with the level of security and the personal attention our staff received from Vaulted Data. Finally, we feel our core data is in a space that we can truly rely on and that we have engaged with an organization that puts security as the number one priority for their clients. We highly recommend VaultedData.

Morgan Peterson, IT Director, CV Enterprises, Santa Barbara, CA

Mel Beckman, CEO

Beckman Software Engineering

Beckman Software Engineering has thousands of critical network design files, device backups, and business plans for its many federal, state, and local government customers. We also process forensic data that must be preserved to meet legal archival requirements. Cloud storage is too risky for this purpose, but legacy offsite tape backup is too slow and expensive. ValtedData is the perfect mix of speed, security, and cost effectiveness to meet our mission-critical backup requirements.

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