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Need more than just backup?

Put our powerhouse team to work for you!

In addition to our backup centers, our three team-owned companies offer a robust line of services to support all your IT and Telecom needs.


Data Center Services

  • Design/Build/Management

  • Custom Data Centers

  • Connectivity Closets

  • Physical Access Constraints

  • Regulatory Requirement Retrofitting

  • On-Site or Off-Site Build-Out

  • Co-Location of Your Equipment in Our Secured Data Vault

  • Data Center Real Estate (above and below ground properties for development)

General IT Services

Design, installation and project management of all network, cloud computing and communications infrastructure including:

  • WAN and LAN Network Engineering

  • Wired and Wireless Connectivity

  • Physical and Virtual Servers

  • Desktop Deployment

  • Routers

  • Switches

  • Firewalls

  • Ups Systems

  • Access Control

  • Surveillance

  • Voice Systems (business & estate; hosted & on-premise)

  • Audio/Video Solutions

  • Home Automation


Managed IT Services

  • Network Monitoring

  • Managed Security Updates and AntiVirus

  • Email Continuity and SPAM protection

  • Managed Backup/BC/DR

  • Managed Two-Factor Authentication

  • Managed Surveillance

  • Computer and Digital Forensics

Software Engineering Services

  • Web Development in PHP, JSP, And ASP

  • Language Expertise in C, C++, Perl, And Java

  • Unix (AIX, BSD, HPUX, IRIX, Linux, OS X, and Solaris)

  • OS/400

  • Windows

  • Relational database design using DB2/400, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server

  • Network Management Tool Development

  • Administrative Scripting

  • Billing and Traffic Accounting

  • Help Desk and Trouble Ticket Systems

  • Software Project Management

  • Source Code Librarian and Administration

  • Regression and Stress Testing

  • Security Vulnerability Assessment

  • Protocol Analysis and Debugging

CyberSecurity Services

  • Security Risk Analysis

  • Security Protocol Development/Implementation

  • Staff Security Training

Telecommunications Services

Tower - We assist with location, acquisition, construction, management, and lease negotiation and antenna installations.


Fiber Optics Routes - Our expertise in repurposing retired fiber optics routes can help you monetize these valuable assets. We can connect you with our established network of partners who will help you put your facility to work.


Communications Vault Development - Underground communications vaults make ideal data centers. They are fantastic investments, which offer a multimillion dollar head-start to a data center project. We can connect you to experienced developers who know the infrastructure, equipment and issues that arise when retrofitting them. We can help eliminate some of the uncertainty in your building project.


Mission Critical & Emergency Communications - In a time of crisis, both internal and external communications are crucial. We can help you build a temporary, portable line of communications; create a private coms network to connect you with your facilities and people; set up emergency communication equipment and protocols; and provide training to your personnel.


Wireless Communications - We install technologies that boost network signal in rural or remote areas providing better access to the Internet and cellular network. We can also set up small cell network architectures to reduce the distances wireless signals must travel from the base station to the end user.  Small cell architectures are the future of wireless connectivity. They not only reduce the wireless footprint but increase the energy efficiency of the network as a whole.


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