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Nuclear hardening, on-site water, and a resilient location add value to this beautiful vault.



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This is a very clean and well-maintained communications vault built in the 1970’s.  The vault is covered with around 4’ of earth and has 2’ thick ceilings and 18” thick walls,  making it able to withstand a 20 megaton blast within 2 miles. The elevation of this site is at around 4,400’ making for ideal weather conditions year-round, and is about 17 miles from Winnemucca, Nevada. There are views in all directions. Approximately 3 acres of the property immediately surrounding the Entry Building are fenced. The road leading to the property is wide and well-maintained. Though it is a dirt road, it is sprayed constantly so there is very little dust.

In general, this site is in excellent condition and offers a turn-key, immediately livable space that is ready for development. The above-ground Entry Building looks very sharp with some unique exterior decorative work. There are four flights of stairs to enter the vault. The hoist area is larger than in most coms bunkers, is separated from the personnel stairs by concrete walls, and has a functioning  3-ton hoist. There is also a separate garage with roll-up door.


Possible Owner Financing Terms:

$275,000 down at 5.5%; length/structure of term negotiable.


Property Features:

  • Site Acreage: 17.5 acres (+/-).

  • Current annual property taxes on this site are (and will remain) very low.

  • Vault Size:  Approximately 5,000 square feet of underground floor space is ready to develop.The main telco room is approximately 4,000 square feet

  • Three methods of egress from the bunker.

  • The entire underground space is EMP protected.

  • Functional water well on site. Additionally, there is an internal 1,000 gallon stainless steel water storage tank.

  • Blast doors are nicely painted and functional.

  • 3-phase 280V power is supplied to facility.

  • HVAC works well.

  • 3-ton hoist is functional.

  • Functioning bathroom. Includes shower, hot water heater and sewage ejector pump.

  • 10'x20' room could be living space or office.

  • Clean and nice floor surfaces – ready to develop!

  • Exterior patio with decorative fencing added.

  • Fiber Optics can be brought in.

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