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This massive 100,000 square foot underground vault was designed for continuity of goverment.



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AT&T telecom bunker construction
AT&T telecom bunker construction
Bunker for Sale in Midwest

This historic communications vault is one of just three of this type that were ever built. This site cost AT&T $25 Million to construct in 1967 dollars -- that is the cost just for the building, not for the telecommunications equipment that once operated inside, or all the systems and other equipment. To replace just the building in today's dollars, it would cost at least $110 Million! That's quite a head-start on construction costs!


The history of this bunker is fascinating. Serving as one of the Ground Entry Points for Operation Lookinglass, this bunker has played an important role in US national security, continuity of government planning, and transcontinental communications.


Property Features

  • 24 beautiful acres surrounded by farmland

  • High-security chain link fencing and gate

  • Massive floor plan spans over 100,000 square feet, including two stories, each with 18' high ceilings and each with a mezzanine level

  • Three-phase 480V power

  • Electrical systems in place and ready for redundancy

  • Water, sewage ejection systems are all functional

  • HVAC system designed to move a lot of heat

  • Entire facility is EMP shielded and has protection against nuclear fall-out

  • Heavy blast doors throughout facility

  • Functioning 5-ton hoist in the entry building

  • 300' self-supporting tower in excellent condition, which is currently producing income and could support additional antenna leases

  • Fiber Optics can be brought in

  • State offers incentives for data center development

  • Extremely low annual property taxes

  • Plans, photos, manuals come with property

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