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Stay in control of your critical data.

Get the most secure backup available.

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Secure Data Transfer

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In a typical cloud backup, data transfer encryption is controlled by the cloud provider. Since the cloud provider controls the encryption keys at both ends of the connection, the provider can monitor any and all transmissions. They can also allow other entities to monitor data transmission.

With VaultedData, you control transfer encryption. You own the encryption keys and the hardware at both ends, so nobody but you can decrypt the data in motion between your site and our vaults.

cybersecurity, data backup, disaster recovery

Data Breach Prevention

The cloud is a shared-computer, multi-tenant environment where traffic from a variety of applications mixes together, exposing cloud infrastructure to a myriad of attacks. One tenant might be hosting a gaming site, another an ecommerce store, a third a controversial political blog. One vulnerability with any one of these tenants can breach everyone's data.

VaultedData only permits one kind of customer: data backup. The only data transfers permitted are encrypted ones to and from your own dedicated hardware. This greatly reduces the "attack surface" hackers can get their hooks into.

data backup, data security, disaster recovery, business continuity


In the cloud, your data can be read by anyone the provider permits: employees, other customers, government agencies, even outside suppliers. And you have no way of knowing when this occurs. Can your ever be fully secure in this environment?

With VaultedData, you own the hardware which you are simply housing in one of our super-secure, managed vaults. Only you can grant access to either the machines themselves or the data they contain. Your chosen staff will have electronic access cards for escorted physical access into the vault at your request 24/7/365.

Encryption at Rest

encryption at rest, data security, data backup, data recovery

While you can choose to encrypt data before sending it to the cloud, you still can't control who may be able to engage in brute-force attacks on your encryption. This leaves you at the  mercy of the provider.


At VaultedData, you own the hardware and data. Because you hold the encryption keys, you always stay in complete in control the data. Nobody can access your data without your knowledge and permission.

Known Physical Location

secure data backup, off-premise data storage, disaster recovery

Cloud data is stored in a regional data center to which you only have remote access. In fact, you may not be able to determine which cloud data center holds your data, or it may be spread over several locations. This raises  many legal and jurisdictional issues in the case of a breach.


With VaultedData, your information has its own unique physical location. You will know the physical address of the vault in which your hardware is located. You even know your hardware's precise rack location within the facility.

Rapid Retrieval of Data

rapid data retrieval, data security, data backup, data recovery

Backing up data to the cloud involves a gradual accumlation of data, which can result in a huge mass over time.  Should you need to recover your data in its entirety, you'll have to do it at Internet speeds, which could take days, even weeks. This could have significant impacts on business operations.


With VaultedData,  you can retrieve all your data at any time. At your  request, the hardware will be delivered to you, or you can pick it up in person. This greatly reduces downtime. Of course, you may also retrieve all or part of your data over the Internet, if desired.

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